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So grateful

So grateful to our trainers! I now have the tools and knowledge to work with my 2 yr old rescue corgi cattle dog.
Our biggest issues were leash reactivity and recall. Knowing how to work with his reactivity so we can both calmly walk past a dog is very empowering for both of us. The game of keep away didn’t work for me when my dog got loose and it’s a scary situation. Now I’m confident in his ability to come when called. I would say it’s life changing to know you can get your dog to come with distractions. I never thought it would be possible.
Highly recommend our trainers to help you be the leader you can be for your dog.


Pat G.  // Verified Facebook Review

Truly amazing experience

Our trainers were such a pleasure to work with. Between keeping me updated on my pups progress to doing an astounding job working with my girl Nova. They were there to answer any and all questions that I had and at turn over really went into depth on the work that they did and how to correct behaviors as well as to help me so I can be a better dog owner. A truly amazing experience all around and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to train their dogs old or young!


Morgan C.  // Verified Facebook Review

a phenomenal program!

I took my dog Dude to our trainer for their 2 week board and train program and I can honestly say it was the best decision I could have made. Before the board and train dude was horrible on walks because he pulled me around the entire time and was reactive towards others dogs as well. He’s overall a pretty anxious dog but when he came back after the two weeks it was like he finally felt like he was able to calm down. I saw such a major transformation within him and saw his confidence skyrocket! I was skeptical of giving my baby to someone for 2 weeks but our trainers made me feel like so was their trough their updates. The videos and texts that I received daily from out trainer were probably the only thing that got me through. The texts were so detailed and she answered any questions that I had about his progress. It has been amazing to see his progress from the drop off continue which has only made our relationship better. He is now able to hold all of his commands and go on a walk with me and have it be enjoyable for the both of us. Our trainers are still more than happy to answer questions weeks after drop off which has helped us be able to continue our progress! I would hands down recommend the 2 week board and train program to anyone thinking about it because it will change you and your pups life for the better all thanks to our trainers!


Carly C.   // Verified Facebook Review

Learned so much from training

Our dog Kit has learned so much from his training with our trainer. He recently completed the beginner and advanced training. He can walk off leash with me in stores and won’t be bothered by distractions. He will patiently wait in “place”, when I need him to. There is NO pulling on his leash anymore. She even came to our home to help with his house manners. Now we know how to direct him when the doorbell rings to keep him calm. This training will improve the quality of Kit‘s life and ours. He doesn’t have to be left home, we can take him hiking, shopping, out to restaurants and on vacations. We can’t thank her enough. She trained my husband and I how to help Kit be the best dog and gave us the tools we need going forward.


Donna M.  // Verified Facebook Review

Engaging and Professional

He is a fantastic trainer. She was the perfect balance of firm yet fun and loving with our dog Journey. Journey is a spirited pup and Ali helped her progress more in 2-3 lessons than she had in her previous 6. He knew how to direct Journey’s confidence, intelligence and desire to please and we now have an 18 month old pup who can run off leash with us on the beach and not run off. Ali’s deep love of animals and her desire to help them be the best dogs they can be is evident. She is warm, loving, engaging and professional. We highly recommend her.


Cherrisse S.  // Verified Facebook Review

Our trainers were amazing

We had our pup Kassy in the two week board and training back in June and wow we are so happy! Kassy came home happy and still had her sassy puppy attitude but she was trained! We left the day after she came home and drove from AZ to MN and she was amazing every time we stopped and was so good at the hotels! The Grandma’s and Grandpa’s thought we traded in our untrained crazy dog for a well behaved well trained dog! Fast forward a month to the drive home and still the best dog! Now I must say we have had a few slips now that we have been home and back to school and living real life but I believe that is on us, her humans. The minute I reset the expectations Kassy is that well trained pup once again! Our Trainers were amazing at their training and awesome communicators. We got our updates every day with pictures and videos. I always felt our beloved pup was well taken care of and in loving hands! Thank you Off Leash K9 Training!


Pamela B.   // Verified Facebook Review

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